Welcome to Aquino’s documentation!

Aquino (which is a development name) is an opensource tool directed to measure and control freshwater aquariums. Fork it on github


Aquino is currently in very early stage. We are working on measurements and web parts (REST API and WebApp client). There is no device which is running.


If you’d like to contact us, please do it via IRC. Find zalun or dwarder on freenode #arduino or #jsfiddle channels

Aquino is measuring at least one of the parameters important for the ecosystem.

One of the major feature of Aquino is alarming the user if any of the measured parameters will change its value away from defined range.

Aquino is also able to control the tank. Following features are considered:

  • feeder
  • switch the filter onoff while feeding
  • manipulate lights
  • apply chemicals


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